PCA PEEL PICAnti-aging Peels

 Years of environmental exposure and skin conditions, such as acne, can damage the skin, obscuring clarity, tone, color, and texture. With each procedure, you will notice incremental improvements in the overall appearance of your skin.

PCA Esthetique peel Member $49.00 ~ Guest $99.00 (30 min treatment, 4-5 treatments)
PCA Enhanced TCA Jessner peel Member $69.00 ~ Guest $99.00 (30 min treatment, 4-5 treatments)
Dermaplaning Member $99.00 ~ Guest $150.00

What is Dermaplaning?

This treatment removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin immediately smooth, supple and vibrant.  It is also known as epidermal leveling which is safely performed by the use of a #10 blade (yes, a sterile surgical blade).  The blade is held against the skin at a 45 degree angle and stroked along the skin, just like shaving.  However, the technician is doing the stroking while holding the area of skin taut. Dermaplaning is another non-traumatic method of skin rejuvenation. Blading the skin is performed on the face only.  We do not blade the nose, eye lids, neck or chest.  The treatment can be performed every 3 – 4 weeks and will remove about 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells. Blading can also be combined with L-lactic, L-malic and L-tartaric peels for maximum benefits. Excellent for all skin types including; aging skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.Treatment is not suited for acne skin.

What is the PCA Esthetique Peel?

PCA Esthetique peel- Retinol treatment-The Esthetique Peel is a chemical peel that is a cream consistency of PCA SKIN’s retinol treatment that creates an occlusive barrier that allows the vitamins, antioxidants and other actives in these rich treatments to better absorb into the skin for maximum results. This is a ultimate anti-aging peel that rejuvenates your skin and helps to improve clarity and firmness. This peel can also treat Rosacea and sensitive skin.

What is the Enhanced TCA Jessner Peel?

PCA Enhanced Jessner Treatment- Salicylic Acid, TCA, and Hydroquinone-Our PCA Peel® with Hydroquinone & Resorcinol Exfoliating Treatment is a medium depth peel formula that effectively exfoliates the skin with blends of lactic, citric and salicylic acids and resorcinol, while bleaching and inhibiting pigment production with kojic acid and hydroquinone. These peels reduces breakouts, controls oil, softens lines and provides a more even, smoother skin texture.. It is effective on extremely sun damaged, oily, and thickened skin. It is also excellent for those with active/cystic acne and asphyxiated skin (dry on the surface, oily underneath).

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