Lumi Lipo Laser Body Contouring-1 Session $175

  • Package of 8 Sessions Special $850.00. (vibrations included) and payment options available)

  • Vibration Metabolic Plate 10 min session $29.
    (Level 3  members have  an option to upgrade at discounted rate).

  • Lumi Lipo Laser Body Contouring Targets Fat Removal-Immediate & Long-lasting Results – Non-Invasive – No Recovery Time – Safe – Pain-free!

How does it work?

This treatment is non-invasive, in which a cold laser effectively removes excess fat in targeted areas of the body. The laser uses a 650nm wavelength with no effect to the surrounding tissues of the body and the results are visible within 48 hours. Problem areas such as thighs, abdomen, upper arms, calves, chin, male breasts, hips and buttocks can be specifically targeted for fat removal. By positioning the laser pads on these areas, fat can selectively be broken down and eliminated. This is advantageous with a clean eating diet and vigorous exercise, which over time help reduce overall body fat but not single out individual areas to be shaped.  Low levels of laser energy emitted by the LumiSlim Lipo-Laser stimulate the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The cells lose their round shape, and intracellular fat is released. Then the fatty triglycerides flow out of the disrupted cell membranes and into the interstitial space, where they gradually pass through the body’s natural metabolic functions with no harmful physiological effects (same as eating a fatty meal), and are used as an energy source for the body. This process does not alter neighbouring structures such as the skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. It is not merely the liquefaction of fat but instead it is the instant breakdown of the fat cells, otherwise known as lipolysis.

What to Expect?

During a routine Lumi Lipo Laser Body Contouring, up to four treatment pads containing the laser diodes are placed over the treatment area, secured in direct contact with the skin using elastic straps. Then two more laser probes are positioned onto the region of the lymphatic nodes closest to the treatment zone. Once all of the pads are in place, you can just relax until the appropriate amount of time has elapsed which varies according to the area treated. Approx. 30 minutes

The process is completely cool and pain free and results can be seen after one or two treatments. You can literally have the treatment at lunchtime and go back to work nearly a dress size lower without any evidence of the procedure. To aid the body in eliminating all of the released fat (and prevent some of it from redepositing), you must engage in some metabolism raising-exercise of the area in order to increase the body’s ability to remove the Triglycerides (the broken down fat cells), it is necessary to assist this natural process by increasing the metabolic rate. We recommend the use of a Vibration Metabolic Plate machine for about 10 minutes and 30 minutes of cardio within 1-2 hours of treatment.

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